Welcome to our Animals collection of Metal Dog ID tags to add to your dog’s already awesome personality! We hand craft each one in the finest of metals and deeply hand stamp them with your dog’s name on the front and your contact information on the back. Our collection of Animal Metal Dog ID Tags are designed to last you a lifetime!

Does your dog have a hidden animal spirit? In our animals collection, choose among a variety of stylish and elegant Metal Dog ID Tags  in animals shapes to match with your dog’s spirit. You will find birds for hope and wisdom, or dolphins for innocence and protection. You will meet our lions, for courage and strength and wolves, for loyalty and freedom.

Let your dog’s spirit animal guide them in this amazing life journey, while accompanying you daily in your adventures. And at the same time, representing in the most stylish and useful way their adorable personality.

Ready to run with your dog along the shore on sunny summer mornings? To catch your breath while hiking the tallest of mountains, or cuddle together in the warmth of your home? How about just having the greatest of time as always?

We perfectly size our Dog ID Tags to fit to your dog’s collar, suiting best for both big hounds and puppies and oh – cats! Let’s not forget our furious life partners, lightweight and comfortable. Caring with smooth outlines and pleasant in touch, in gloss or matte look.

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