If you are looking for a cute and fine looking Dog ID Tag for your bestie, search no more! In Happy Paw Tags we design elegant and stylish Bone Dog ID Tags, shaping them in every dog’s favorite treat.

As other designs of our collection, this Dog ID Tag is made with fine quality solid brass and brush matte finish. In Happy Paw Tags we personalize with love and care the tag for every customer! We hand stamp your dog’s name and your phone number, while adding a little bit of our magic.

Choose among four beautiful Bone Dog ID Tags designs the one that will add best to your dog’s (already awesome!) personality.

A big Bone Dog ID Tag for your large hound of fine quality and nickel free solid brass. We deeply hand stamp your dog’s name and your contact information, while carefully polishing its outlines.

A stunningly shining Bone Dog ID Tag to compliment all dog types and personalities, while carrying your essential contact information.

A vertical copper Bone Dog ID Tag, simple yet dainty and beautiful choice to carry your best friend’s name in a cute, vertical way.

Last but not at all least, a round Dog ID Tag with a Bone element resting on its front. This beautifully hand crafted Dog ID Tag is a promising design to add extra charm to your dog’s beauty! We will hand stamp your best friend’s name on the front, and your contact information on the back.

What is going to be your special treat for today?

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