Welcome to our Cat ID Tag section! In Happy Paw Tags Cat ID collection, you will find beautiful tags that combine usability and elegance at its finest. We cut, sculpt and engrave each one of our tags entirely by hand, offering you a stylish accessory for your cat’s collar.

No one can deny the finesse cats carry, while being classy, spirited and lively.  These furious, adorable creatures, know what they want and they want it to be perfect. In Happy Paw Tags we offer your best cat a variety of handmade stylish tags for their collar, made with love and extra care. With carefully smoothed outlines and matte or gloss finish touch, we provide deep hand stamping of your cat’s name and your contact information.

Choose among a variety of designs to please all cat kinds and personalities, while adding to their pawsitive cuteness! Whether your best four-legged friend is a fluffy ball of fur or a curious wanderer, in Happy Paw Tags you will find the best match for them.

In Happy Paw Tags we love your cat as much as you do! With the importance of safety being our priority, we combine usability and elegance in all of our products.

We guarantee for our handmade tags quality with confidence, as we cut and sculpt each one of our products by hand, adding a little bit of our magic. With hammer, we offer you deep hand stamping of your cat’s name and your essential information, while making sure the tag will last you a lifetime.

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