For all four-legged Kings and Queens out there, for every kind Prince and delicate Princesses, search no more! In Happy Paw Tags we welcome you to our beautiful collection of Crown Dog ID Tags to add to your dog’s nobility.

Crown your lovely dogs with uniquely designed Crown Dog ID Tags. Our deeply hand stamped tags are entirely made by hand, and we personalize them with your dog’s name and your contact information to keep your dog safe anywhere and everywhere.

We hand cut and sculpt beautiful and stylish crowns that rest on our tags with finesse and elegance. Combining usability with class, we make sure our tags offer enough space for both dog’s name and your contact information.

Our designs are made of fine solid brass, copper and/or German silver, while we offer more than one writing style. In our collection you can choose among three stylish designs, to please all dog kinds and personalities.

In Happy Paw Tags we love your dog as much as you do and safety is our first priority! As we know how important your dog is for you, fear no more of separation. We guarantee for our tags quality with confidence.

Ready to strive for your next adventure with your four-legged friend? Run together along the shore, hike the tallest mountains! Walk in style in your neighborhood’s park and let your dog socialize with their friends.

The best time to create priceless moments together is now. Celebrate your friendship and your bond daily, as they last a lifetime. Just like our Dog ID Tags!

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