Running our of words as enthusiasm, happiness, and love are not enough to show your feelings about your dog? Get emojional with a hand stamped Emoji Dog ID Tag, while expressing your most complex feelings with a single emoji.

In Happy Paw Tags we love having fun! Let’s make it fun for you and your four-legged friend, designing your dog’s best ID Tag with an emoji. Ever thought that your dog can really smile? This Emoji Dog ID Tag is the perfect pick for you.

In Happy Paw Tags we offer a super cute collection of stylish Emoji Dog ID Tags designs. More over, we offer you the chance to add the very special emoji you want us to engrave on it.  Combining usability with fun, we deep hand stamp your contact information on the back of the tag. We always want to ensure that your dog will return home!

We make each one of our Dog ID Tags entirely by hand, while adding a little bit of our magic. While using the finest of metals, we hand cut and sculpt our tags, and we smooth their outlines with care.

In Happy Paw Tags we love your dog as much as you do, and their safety is our first priority! With this in mind, we guarantee for our tags quality and durability with confidence.

Fear no more of separation and strive for your next adventure together! With a split ring for maximum endurance, your beloved dog’s tag will stay firmly attached to their collar.

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