No charm is more recognized than the Evil Eye when it comes to warding off envy stares. In Happy Paw Tags we care about your dog’s well being as much as you do! With our beautiful Evil Eye Dog ID Tag, the striking image of the eye will keep malicious glares away.

The Evil Eye is a favorite design of jewelry makers, for its symmetry and mesmerizing look. For the same reasons, we combine usability and the finesse of jewelry making, offering you a tag with a purpose.

No one is denying your best friend’s inner and outer beauty, and we understand your concerns! In Happy Paw Tags we want you to keep bad vibes and negativity away from your dog. With this in mind, we created beautiful and stylish Evil Eye Dog ID Tags for your dog’s collar.

Using traditional skills, we hand stamp with hammer your dog’s name on the front and your contact information on the back of the tag. We want to ensure that the deep engraving will remain clear for a lifetime, while releasing you from fear of separation.

Choose among a variety of fine metals, including solid brass, copper and German Silver to personalize your dog’s next ID Tag. With a split ring for durability, we can guarantee for our tags quality in confidence.

Get ready for your next adventure, while worrying the least about your best friend’s safety.

Welcome to the Happy Paw Tags safe zone!

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