Stand out and shine with the unique designs of our Heart & Star Dog ID Tags Collection! In this section, love will shower upon you while browsing, sending you positive vibes along the way.

In Happy Paw Tags, we created a mixed collection of strong and solid brass Heart & Star Dog ID Tags for your dog’s collar. With your dog’s safety as our first priority, we combined usability with style. As a result,  we proudly offer you an array of elegant designs, to choose what best showcases the bond you share with your pet.

The star is seen as a celestial symbol representing infinite divine love. In Happy Paw Tags we offer you Star Dog ID Tags to show to the whole world who’s the superstar in your life!

Often known as the seat of emotions, the heart is synonymous with affection. With this in mind, naturally it represents the central wisdom of feeling. You can choose among our collection of Heart Dog ID Tags the best pick for you.

In Happy Paw Tags we celebrate the unique way that your dog fulfills your life, as much as you do! In this section, you will find the ideal way to best express your dog’s compassion and understanding. Above all, the heart and stars are two powerful symbols of love and life itself!

With your dog’s safety and happiness as our ultimate goal, we guarantee for our Dog ID Tags quality in confidence.

Welcome to our most adorable Happy Paw Tags collection!

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