Lucky & Diamond Dog Tags

Welcome to our Lucky & Diamond Dog Tags collection, to build a lively aura around your dog! Select among original designs the one that expresses the best your dog’s preciousness.

In Happy Paw Tags we love combining usability and finesse. With these elements in mind, we created a collection of beautiful designs for you to choose. Above all, we guarantee for our tags quality with confidence.

A four-leaf clover means good luck and each leaf symbolizes faith, hope, love, and luck for the finder. Isn’t this exactly what your best dog brings to your life? Either Lucky is the name or the tag on their collar, a lucky clover tag is just what your need.

The diamond is an emblem of purity, a symbol of light and brilliance. It is the stone of faithfulness and promise. With this in mind, a diamond tag is the best way to express your dog’s unconditional love and preciousness!

In Happy Paw Tags we make all of our Lucky & Diamond Dog Tags from scratch in the finest metals. Moreover, we offer you the chance to choose among solid brass, copper and German silver. What will be your best combination?

In addition, we love your dog as much as you do! Your best friend’s safety and happiness is our first priority. We deep hand stamp your dog’s name on the front with a hammer, while your contact information rests on the back. We offer more than one writing styles, to choose the one that adds best to your dog’s already awesome personality!

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