Welcome to Happy Paw Tags best collection of Minimal Dog ID Tags! When you are in search of a high quality tag for your dog’s collar with finesse and style in the back of your mind, search no more.

In Happy Paw Tags we love combining usability and purpose with style and elegance. Therefore, we designed a set of Minimal Dog ID Tags inspired by jewelry making, while using traditional goldsmith skills.

A sunny personality is vivid, happy and doesn’t worry easily. Either Sunny is the name or your dog’s personality, a sunny Dog Tag is what you need to shine together!

Don’t you want to award daily your best dog for their services? A unique  Dog ID Tag in the shape of a medal serves both a reward and a purpose.

Escape from the ordinary with a startling rocket Dog ID Tag for your best friend’s collar. Overcoming the force of gravity, it reminds us to succeed, despite challenges that sometimes seem overwhelming.

If simplicity and effectiveness are keywords for you, while your dog is the greatest gift in your life, an elegant ribbon Dog ID Tag is just what you need.

We know how deeply dogs are devoted to their family. They won’t hesitate to put themselves in the front to protect it from what feels like a threat. A shield dog tag ID is the perfect way to show that you are never alone against life’s challenges and dangers.

In Happy Paw Tags we love your dog as much as you do! Their safety and happiness are our first priority. With this in mind, we guarantee for your tags quality in confidence.

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