Enjoy a vast array of aesthetic designs in our Nature Dog ID Tags collection! In Happy Paw Tags we find inspiration in the beauty of nature, creating a durable yet stylish set of tags with earthing elements.

As a deep and powerful symbol of life, a Butterfly Dog ID Tag is the best way to show everyone how your dog changes your life to the better.

Having a new member in the family? The beautiful Sprout tag of our Nature Dog ID Tags collection is just what you need! Symbol of growth, new hope, and a fresh beginning. The perfect choice for your new family member to make every moment together with a special memory over time!

Don’t you just love how flowers grow day by day and blossom? In Happy Paw Tags the nature’s cycle of creation inspired us deeply. Therefore, we offer you a set of flower Dog ID Tags for your dog’s collar, to choose what best matches your best friend’s blooming!

While mushrooms usually represent good luck, they are also considered as masterpieces of natural engineering due to their rapid growth. Sounds familiar with your best friend’s physical and mental development? A cute mushroom Dog ID Tag always gets straight to the point.

In Happy Paw Tags we love your dog as much as you do! Therefore, their happiness and safety are our first priority. We design each one of our tags to last you a lifetime. We deep hand stamp your dog’s name and your essential information with a hammer. With this in mind, we guarantee for our tags quality in confidence.

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