Welcome to Happy Paw Tags best collection of Nautical Dog ID Tags! In this beautiful set of designs, you will lose track of time while browsing. For in Happy Paw Tags we love underwater life and we love showing it in our work!

Humans are naturally attracted to aquatic hues. Earth’s majestic oceans inspire openness, depth and wisdom. Feeling deeply connected with water, a Nautical Dog ID Tags collection was a must. We designed stylish and durable tags in the finest of metals, combining the finesse of jewelry making with the traditional goldsmith skills.

Every ocean once was a single drop of water. The longest journey begins with just a step forward. Powerful symbol of motivation, a Water Drop Tag is to remember that little things bring the big ones!

Does your dog love water and making a playful mess? A tag in the lovely shape of a fish is the best for your dog who knows how to have fun.

In Happy Paw Tags we are fond of dogs with awesome personalities! We know your dog is one of them too. Therefore, we designed a beautiful Dolphin Tag for your best friend’s collar, a homage to the laughter and joy they bring to your life.

Is your best dog by your side for so long that you can’t remember life before them? Their great longevity living up to 150 years, made turtle the symbol of good health and well being. What’s best than a Turtle Tag to celebrate your dog’s vitality!

As it holds firmly a ship in place during storms, the anchor symbolizes safety. In addition, lifted up from the water it represents the beginning of new adventures. Choose a beautiful Anchor tag for your fellow traveler, a reminder to carry on with your plans, and stay focused.

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