Welcome to Happy Paw Symbol Dog ID Tags Collection! When you are in search of a tag for your dog but also want to express complex feelings, this is the right place. Fueling our imagination and evoking emotions, symbols are the best way to say the most with the least.

Make a difference with a dynamic Peace Dog ID Tag and combine usability with a strong statement. Choose our beautifully detailed Jigsaw Puzzle Dog ID Tag and show how your lovely dog completes your life’s puzzle.

Life is challenging and at times seems overwhelming, but it’s important to remember that we need to move forward. Symbol of strength, speed, and sense of direction, an Arrow Dog ID Tag will represent the strength to keep going!

In Happy Paw Tags we love complexity shown in the simplest of ways! Therefore, in our Symbol Dog ID Tags collection we offer you designs to please all thoughts and feelings. Our amazingly detailed Diamond Tag is the best way to express your pet’s unconditional love and preciousness.

From the Celts considering it a sacred sign, to the Native Indians as symbol of truth, the lightning bolt is a powerful symbol. As the Greek God’s Zeus weapon, the lighting bolt represents speed and strength. Therefore, a Lightning Bolt Tag definitely stands out as the ideal choice for your pet’s strong personality.

We hand cut, sculpt and hand stamp all of our tags with hammer, offering you stylish accessories designed to last you a lifetime.

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