A great set of iconic Warrior Dog ID Tags designs for your dog’s collar, to celebrate their position, adding a label to their excellence! We hand stamp our Warrior Dog ID Tags and sculpt them into stunning shapes and styles with attention to intricacy.

In Happy Paw Tags we love combining the finesse of jewelry making and the powers of symbols! With this in mind, we designed a stylish Warrior Dog ID Tags collection serving usability, while carrying a deeper message.

We all know our dog’s devotion to family! They will not hesitate to put themselves in the front to protect it from what feels like a threat. Is it about their sense of protection? Or is it about their need for control and accuracy? Nevertheless, a Gun Dog ID Tag doesn’t leave a doubt of who’s one dealing with.

Historically, the sword has been a symbol of leadership, power, and honor. With this in mind, our special Sword Dog ID Tag matches perfectly your best friend’s free and kind spirit!

Synonymous with power and bravery, our Spartan Helmet Tag represents your dog’s adventurous spirit and your special bond together!

The shield represents the symbol of protection, carrying safety and power of control. Moreover, a Medieval Shield Tag is the perfect way to show that you are never alone against life’s challenges and dangers.

In Happy Paw Tags we cut, sculpt and stamp each one of our tags entirely by hand! Therefore, we guarantee for our work’s quality with confidence. Welcome to Happy Paw Tags best Warrior Collection!

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