Personalized Dog Tag ID Skull in 3D a unique Customized Dog Collar Tag for your Pet

23.38  EUR

A creative design in dog tags for your vicious dog that carries a dangerous aura around him – a metal tag with a 3-D skull engraved on its front with a chance to deeply handstamp his name right below the skull. Add onto “the look” that your dog carries to create a much bolder appearance with this strongly built tag hanging from his collars and keeping you alert in case he gets into a fight with an unknown hound.

A heavy duty personalized 3D skull dog tag ID featuring a handmade skull with fine details accompanied with a deep hand engraving of your big hound’s name. This tag is made with strong metal to compliment the size and ferocity of your dog.

All the the Dog Tag ID are handmade from scratch from a sheet of metal at a durable 1 mm – 18 Gauge thickness in Brass, Copper and German Silver, personalized with the Dog name and telephone number and any other additional information it fits.

The Dog Tag ID measures 3.5 cm wide / 4.2 cm long – 1.37 inch wide and 1.65 inches long – 1 mm – 18 Gauge thickness

Dog Tag Symbol: 3D SKULL

Finish of Dog Tag: Brushed Matte

Metal: Brass – Copper – German Silver

Includes a brass ring soldered with sterling silver for durability. A split ring with an attached ringing bell, all beautifully packaged in ECO Linen pouch gift bag.

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