Walk your dog in style with our Hand stamped unique Custom Dog ID Tags. Our vast array of dog tags are ideal to please all dog kinds and personalities! Whether your dog is a fluffy ball of white cloud, a playful creature or a hound with a loud bark, in Happy Paw Tags we offer a great selection of Dog ID Tags designs to compliment your dog’s looks, personality, and oh – their changing moods.

Our Custom Dog ID Tags highlight our inspiration from nature, but we also love the power of symbols. While we offer minimal designs to say the most with least effort, our collections cannot pass unnoticed! Moreover, we also design genuine leather Dog ID Tags, ideal for stacking. Add multiple tags to include more than one phone numbers and/or addresses. Our elegant genuine leather tags will not add weight to your dog’s collar, while remaining silent.

In Happy Paw Tags we love having fun! We offer you deep hand stamping in more than one writing style, to choose the one that best matches your dog’s already awesome personality. Celebrate your dog’s positive impact in your life and your special bond with a uniquely created handmade Tag! We hand cut, sculpt and deep hand stamp each one of our tags with a hammer in the finest of metals.

In Happy Paw Tags we offer Lifetime Guarantee for all of our products, as also free replacement in case of loss! For custom creations or any other question please don’t hesitate to contact. We are always here to help you!

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