Pentagram Dog Tag ID

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Unique Pentagram Dog Tag ID is a one-of-a-kind identification tag for dogs, featuring a bold and striking pentagram design. This ancient symbol represents balance and harmony and is often associated with spirituality and protection. This tag is perfect for pet owners who want to show off their dog’s unique personality and it can be personalized with the dog’s name and phone number on the back. The tag is made from high-quality materials and is built to last, ensuring that it will be a lasting symbol of your dog’s identity and personality. Whether you’re looking for a symbol of your dog’s spiritual connection or just a unique and striking design, this tag is sure to make a statement.

Measuring at 3 cm wide, these tags are available in a thickness of 1mm – 18 gauge, making them sturdy and long-lasting. Give your furry friend the ultimate identification with our Personalized Dog Tag ID. The top element is soldered on top with sterling silver solder.

– Dog Tag Symbol: Pentagram

– Dog Tag Finish: Brushed Matte

( ** It’s important to note that our Personalized Dog Tag ID is available in brass only for the top metal element. If you prefer a silver finish for the circle or top element, please contact and we will accommodate your request.)

(*** Each dog tag comes with a split stainless steel ring to attach to the collar)

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