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This Majestic Horse Dog Tag ID is a regal and elegant way to identify your beloved pet. This tag features an intricate and detailed design of a horse, depicting it in all its grandeur, perfect for pet owners who want to give their dog’s collar a touch of nobility. Personalized with your dog’s name, this tag is made of high-quality and durable European brass that can withstand rough play and is easy to attach to your dog’s collar. With this tag, you can showcase your dog’s grace and strength, as the horse is often associated with power, freedom and speed. It also serves as a reminder of the bond you share with your pet and the love you have for them, as well as keeping them safe and secure.

Measuring at 3 cm wide, these tags are available in a thickness of 1mm – 18 gauge, making them sturdy and long-lasting.

Give your furry friend the ultimate identification with our Personalized Dog Tag ID. The top element is soldered on top with sterling silver solder.

– Dog Tag Symbol: Horse

– Dog Tag Finish: Brushed Matte

( ** It’s important to note that our Personalized Dog Tag ID is available in brass only for the top metal element. If you prefer a silver finish for the circle or top element, please contact and we will accommodate your request.)

(*** Each dog tag comes with a split stainless steel ring to attach to the collar)

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