Star Dog Tag ID for Collar

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Our hand stamped Star Dog Tag ID is handcrafted with strong material and deeply hand-engraved to deliver a tag that complements your dog’s face and provides an opportunity for their safe home return.


The star symbolizes guidance, aspiration, and celestial wonder, captivating hearts and minds across cultures and civilizations. Embedded in the night sky, stars have inspired awe and contemplation since ancient times, serving as navigational aids for travelers and seekers of knowledge. Metaphorically, stars represent dreams, ambitions, and the pursuit of excellence, guiding individuals toward their goals with unwavering brightness.


All the Dog Tag ID are handmade from scratch from a sheet of metal at a durable 1 mm – 18 Gauge thickness in Brass, Copper and German Silver, hand stamped with the Dog name and telephone number and any other additional information it fits.


Measuring at 3 cm wide and in a thickness of 1mm – 18 gauge, our tags ensure durability and a lifetime wear.


Moreover, in the following Product Features you can find additional information about this Star Dog Tag ID details.


Product Features:


– Dog Tag Symbol: Star


– Dog Tag Finish: Brushed Matte


– Metal: Brass – Copper – German Silver


– 100% Handmade


–  Made with love, built to last


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