Water Drop Dog ID Tag for Collar


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Our Water Dog ID Tag, representing success and the strength for survival through a drop of water, is designed with a purpose. Hand stamped with your dog’s name in front and your desired information in the back, this tag is attached to your furry friend’s collar with a strong split ring, allowing them to be free and playful.

All the the Dog ID Tags are handmade from scratch from a sheet of metal at a durable 1 mm – 18 Gauge thickness in Brass, Copper and German Silver, hand stamped with the dog’s name and telephone number, or/and any other additional information it fits. The Dog Tag ID measures 3 cm wide / 3 cm long – 1,18 inch wide and 1,18 inches long – 1 mm – 18 Gauge thickness

  • Dog Tag Symbol: WATER DROP
  • Finish of Dog Tag: Brushed Matte
  • Metal: Brass – Copper – German Silver


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